Booking & Prices

Booking is an easy two step process!

Step 1) Make a Reservation Deposit below.

Step 2) Personalize your session.  Give us a call now, and we’ll set you up with the perfect session on the perfect date and time.

Call us at: 310-363-0456



1 Look  –  $150
2 Looks – $225
3 Looks – $350
4 Looks – $400
Additional Looks = $75 per look
1 Look is equal to 1 wardrobe change


1 Look  –  $800
2 Looks – $1000
3 Looks – $1600
1 Look is equal to 1 wardrobe change
Developed photos, artworked images, and prints included with session.
We recommend that you hire a hair and makeup specialist, or let us recommend one for you.  They usually charge between $75 and $300.  It is helpful, even for men, to have light makeup done by a professional.  Your stylist can also monitor fly-away hairs during the session, or catch clothing malfunctions.
A $75 deposit is required to book your session, although most people like to pay the full amount when booking. The choice is yours.
You will receive a receipt, policy package, and preparation guidelines.
Each session includes one basic retouch per look.  If you booked 1 look, you get 1 free retouch, 4 looks = 4 retouches, etc.
Retouching is an art we’ve mastered over many years of work. Basic headshot retouching includes stray hair removal, blemishes, dark circles, cleaning up the overall skin, etc.  Headshots rarely require heavy retouching, but we can accommodate if requested.  Heavy retouching situations are when we are altering major components of the photo.
Retouching is not required, but recommended.  Trust us… you don’t want to show up to a casting call with an un-retouched photo.  You will not get the job.
Please give us 48 hours notice, and you will not be charged as long as you reschedule.
Additional postponements require a $25 service fee.


Please give us 48 hours notice, and we will refund your deposit minus a $25 service fee.
Cancellations within 24 hours require that we keep your deposit unless you fill your time slot with another client, or we find someone to take your slot.